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1 a legal document giving official permission to do something [syn: license, licence]
2 the act of giving a formal (usually written) authorization [syn: license, permission]
3 large game fish; found in waters of the West Indies [syn: Trachinotus falcatus]


1 consent to, give permission; "She permitted her son to visit her estranged husband"; "I won't let the police search her basement"; "I cannot allow you to see your exam" [syn: allow, let, countenance] [ant: forbid, forbid]
2 make it possible through a specific action or lack of action for something to happen; "This permits the water to rush in"; "This sealed door won't allow the water come into the basement"; "This will permit the rain to run off" [syn: let, allow] [ant: prevent]
3 allow the presence of or allow (an activity) without opposing or prohibiting; "We don't allow dogs here"; "Children are not permitted beyond this point"; "We cannot tolerate smoking in the hospital" [syn: allow, tolerate] [also: permitting, permitted]

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permitten, from permettre, from permittere, to give up or allow


  • /ˈpɜːmɪt/ (UK) or /ˈpɝmɪt/ (US)
  • /"p3:mIt/ (UK) or /"p3`mIt/ (US)


  1. An artifact or document rendering something allowed or legal.


An artifact or document rendering something allowed or legal
  • Czech: povolení
  • German: Genehmigung
  • Slovene: dovoljenje
  • Swedish: tillstånd


  • /pəˈmɪt/ (UK) or /pɚˈmɪt/ (US)
  • /p@"mIt/ (UK) or /p@`"mIt/ (US)

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allow to happen

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Verb form

  1. third-person singular indicative past historic of permettre

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OK, accede to, accept, accord, accord to, accredit, admit, affirm, agree to, allow, allowance, amen, approve, approve of, assent, authenticate, authority, authorization, authorize, autograph, be willing, brook, building permit, certify, condescend, confirm, connive at, consent, consent to, consent to silently, cosign, countenance, countersign, deign, dispense, empower, enable, endorse, enfranchise, fishing license, franchise, give consent, give leave, give permission, give the go-ahead, give the imprimatur, give the word, give thumbs up, go along with, grant, have, have no objection, hold with, hunting license, imprimatur, initial, leave, let, license, make possible, nihil obstat, nod, nod assent, not refuse, notarize, okay, pass, pass on, pass upon, passport, ratify, release, rubber stamp, sanction, say amen to, say aye, say the word, say yes, seal, second, sign, sign and seal, subscribe to, suffer, sufferance, support, swear and affirm, swear to, take kindly to, tolerate, undersign, underwrite, validate, visa, vise, vote affirmatively, vote aye, vouchsafe, warrant, wink at, yield assent
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